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恩大学 is a Christian community engaged in thoughtful scholarship and career preparation that develops 富有同情心的自信熟练的 毕业生 谁 lead lives of purpose. We also care deeply about being connected to our wider community including Waraw and Winona Lake and the history of this county. Stop here to learn about Grace community.

Learn about Grace our community and why it's so special for us! Lodging Information, 华沙 / Winona Lake, our Christian Community.

Lodging Information

Looking for a place to stay in the area? 不要再看了! We've compiled a list of some of our favorite lodging spots near campus.

Biking and Walking/Running Trails w

华沙 / Winona Lake Community

From a variety of lake activities to endless miles of biking & 运行轨迹, from professional musicals to artisan gift shops, our community provides plenty of things to fill your weekends!

Facility and Event Management Major

Event Facility Rental

Events are one of the primary ways we connect with our community. Learn more about our Event Services and the facilities we provide.



We take pride in the history of our community and the influential people 谁 once lived here. Learn about the Winona History Museum, located in Westminster Hall, or the the 比利周日 首页 Museum, located just a block off of campus.

The Lilly Lakes and 流 team works in a boat.

Lilly Center for Lakes & 流

The Lilly Center for Lakes & 流 conducts research, 提供资源, engages and educates residents, collaborates with local organizations to make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, 健康的, 安全, 和美丽的. Find out how you can get involved and what events are coming up!

恩大学's Sports Ministry 项目 prepare students to share the Gospel through athletics. Learn about our Sport Ministry Major!


枪骑兵营 are a place where your kids are valued like you value them, a place where staff build genuine relationships with campers, a place where we teach not only fundamental skills of the sport, but also develop character and sportsmanship.

Symphony of the lakes fireworks concert


Every year we enjoy a variety of free concerts that we put on in collaboration with groups from the community! Check out this year's schedule, grab some friends, we'll see you at the next concert!

College 安全ty is a major concern when it comes to selecting an institution. 恩大学 is here to tell you about 校园 Security.

Connected Community 新闻

Read stories about the community surrounding and at 恩大学. See how we do community differently.